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Nestle Jobs

  • Potential applicants can use the Nestle Jobs web site to view a list of all available employment opportunities with the Nestle corporation
  • The Nestle jobs web site lists careers not just with Nestle, but with all of the companies that are a part of Nestle, like Purina, Gerber, and Nespresso
  • Nestle has special job training programs that focus on helping veterans return to civilian life with unique training opportunities

Nestle has been named among the top 50 “Most Admired Companies in the World” by Fortune Magazine and has been named #1 in employee talent by Consumer Food Products. A job listed on the Nestle jobs web site will be visible until the job is filled, so if a job is showing as available, it means that people can apply for that job with Nestle.

Nestle Jobs Highlights

  • Potential applicants can sign up for Nestle job alerts by specific job category or  by job location
  • In order to subscribe to Nestle job alerts, applicants must select at least one location or job category, and must enter a valid e-mail address
  • Signing up for job alerts from Nestle also means signing up for email alerts from the Nestle corporation
  • Nestle also offers adoption reimbursement programs where qualified employee participants can get a maximum benefit of $5,000 (after taxes) and up to $6,000 for adopting a child with special needs

The Nestle Corporation plans to launch nearly 150 apprenticeships by the year 2017, and hire over 1,000 paid interns and trainees by that same year. Over 300,000 people will be reached by Nestle’s “readiness for work” activities.

More About Nestle Employee Benefits

Nestle is the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company, so every employee is enrolled in the Nestle employee wellness program. Many of these health tools and resources are offered to Nestle employees completely cost free.  Any questions about the status of an application or the Nestle Jobs service can be directed to 877-204-8650.


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