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Jobs Pizza Hut

  • Search or apply for a job at Pizza Hut online
  • When searching for a job at Pizza Hut applicants can browse by location, keyword, or distance from their current location
  • Restaurant jobs (aka in store) and corporate jobs are both available (corporate positions at Pizza Hut usually require the job seeker to have a college degree)

The Jobs Pizza Hut service is free to use and users can sign up for job alerts that will alert them when a desired job becomes open in their area (simply click on the “ADD” button to add Pizza Hut Job alerts before submitting).  Pizza Hut restaurant jobs are available in every state and many positions at the restaurant make more than minimum wage (thanks to Bernie Sanders and his ilk).  Popular restaurant jobs at Pizza Hut include:

  • PIZZA HUT ASSISTANT RESTAURANT MANAGER (aka the manager of the pizza makers)
  • PIZZA HUT TEAM MEMBER (aka the pizza maker)
  • PIZZA HUT DELIVERY DRIVER (these positions can make a boat load of cash in tips and are ideal for high school or college students)
  • GENERAL MANAGER OF A PIZZA HUT (must have a minimum of at least 2 years of leadership experience in the restaurant, hospitality or retail industry)

Please note the Pizza Hut management positions do not require a college degree but they would like to see previous management experience in the fast food industry.  Each job listing will come with the date it was posted and a Job ID (for example 28277BR).

Jobs Pizza Hut services on the corporate side do not offer as many opportunities (at the time of this publishing only 4 states were hiring corporate positions… Florida, Kentucky, Texas, and West Virginia).  Popular jobs on the corporate side at Pizza Hut include Total Rewards Analyst, Network Engineer, Software Developer, Project Manager, and Real Estate analyst.


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