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My Coag Clinic Results

  • Access test results associated with the Coag Clinic
  • Operated by Standing Stone
  • Easy to use

The My Coag Clinic Results service is free to use and any issues reporting medical information should be directed to the patients Clinic (for Medical Emergencies please contact 911 or the patients local Emergency Telephone Number).  Any questions in regards to the website can be directed to 877-354-0395 or Click here to contact Standing Stone Support.

Those seeking to reach the clinic via US Mail can be reached at 49 Richmondville Avenue, Suite 307, Westport, CT, 06880.

To access an account the patient must provide their DOB, patient ID, and PIN.  Please note the date of birth should be entered in xx/xx/xxxx format and the patient ID number can be found on the customer’s billing mailing.