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My Card Statement

  • Access a statement online with a My Card statement username
  • The service is free to use and those who have forgotten their username will have to provide their Credit Card Number in order to start the retrieval process
  • Those who do not have a My Card Statement account will have to go through a bothersome BUT short registration process

To register for the My Card Statement online service the customer will need a valid email address and their credit card number.  Once they have registered customers can view and analyze spending, check out recent billing statements, and pay a bill online. Please dial 1-866-572-1637 with any questions about the My Card Statement service (this number should not be used to dispute a payment as the customer should contact the number on the back of their credit card in regards to a disputed payment issue).

My Card statement works with the following firms:

  • Banner Bank
  • Target
  • American Mini Storage
  • TCM Bank
  • Visa
  • Mercer Savings

The above is not an all-inclusive list and by far the most popular company that uses the My Card Statement service is Target as Target customers can check their current gift card balance online using the service (Visa Gift Card, Target MasterCard Gift Card or Target Visa Prepaid Card).

How to View Statements using this service:

  • Log in the customer account at mycardstatement.com
  • Click Statements button on the top and then click View Statements button
  • View Statement PDF (this is in PDF form only)
  • Customers can print the statement if desired or just view it online
  • Check if the email ID which images will be sent to is correct then click Decline or Accept button
  • Those wishing to make a statement payment can use any major credit card (i.e. Visa, American Express, Discover)


  1. www.mycardstatement.com