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Go To My Card

  • View, Pay, and Manage Go To My Card account online
  • Those who are new to the service will have to register with their account number before access is granted
  • Please note customer who have to many unsuccessful login attempts will be locked out of their account for 24 hours (please dial 800-820-8450 or 972-391-6840 for any lock out issues)

The Go To My Card account service is free to use and offers a new GoToMyCard Mobile system that can be easily accessed from any mobile device.  Although the GoToMyCard Mobile service (aka a mobile optimized website) is free for all verified cardholders the customer will still want to contact their ell phone carrier (i.e. Sprint, Verizon Wireless) to obtain charges that may be associated with the web browser usage on a mobile device.

What services can be performed using Go To My Card?

  • Make one-time payments (the most useful service associated with the Go To My Card site)
  • Set up recurring payments (this will ensure a bill is NEVER missed)
  • View current and pending transactions
  • Set up account alerts (this can help detect early signs of fraud or alert a customer when a payment is due)
  • Sign up for and view E-Statements (most customers should do this as it helps prevent paper usage)
  • Download and print the customers transaction history (this can be used for tax purposes and requires a working printer)
  • View available credit
  • View payment history

Please note that customer are allowed to file a dispute associated with a credit card transaction by clicking on the “File a Transaction Dispute” option from the Customer Service tab (the customer will have to select what kind of dispute and complete all the required fields).  When creating a GoToMyCard account user name the customer will be allowed to use between 6 (minimum) to 32 (maximum) characters and can be any combination of letters/numbers.


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