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Chase Balance Transfer

  • Obtain more information about balance transfer with Chase Bank
  • Balance transfers are useful for consumers looking to pay down higher-rate credit cards or consolidate  balances to make managing monthly credit card payments easier
  • In order to start the Chase Balance Transfer service the card holder will need a valid email address along with the Chase credit card account number

The Chase Balance Transfer service is NOT available for all credit cards and customers are not allowed to transfer more than $15,000 within any 30-day period.  The most common use of the Chase Balance Transfer service is to pay down high interest rate credit cards that the consumer has accumulated over the years.  Many customers all use the balance transfer service for unexpected expenses such as car repairs or an unexpected baby… simply call the toll-free number on the back of the customer Chase credit card to transfer funds into a qualifying checking account.

Chase Balance Transfer Common Issues and Questions

  • Balance transfers may not be used to pay other credit cards or loans issued by Chase Bank USA, N.A
  • Before customers can transfer a balance to a checking account they must have a history of on time payments
  • By transferring a higher-rate credit card balance to a lower-rate credit card customers normally end up paying less interest in the long run
  • Customers who have more than one credit card may want to transfer a balance to a Chase card to make billing more streamline (aka save time)
  • MOST Chase Balance Transfers take less than 7 business days to complete but in some scenarios may take up to 21 days
  • Do not assume a balance transfer will be approved
  • New purchases include any fees added to your purchase balance, such as an annual fee, if applicable

Please note interest will only begin once the online transaction posts to the customers Chase card account.  Transfer will never be eligible to earn rewards or rebates towards a current Chase credit card promotional offer.  Any questions about the Chase Balance Transfer process or to check on the status of a transfer please dial 1 (800) 432-3117.


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