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MyApps Humana

  • With the My Humana mobile app, customers can manage their healthcare needs anywhere they have a data or Internet connection on a smart phone
  • The MyHumana Mobile app can be downloaded to any Android or Apple phone
  • Customers can review their coverage, check a Humana insurance claim, view a Humana member ID card and find in network Humana providers.

The Humana MyHealth app also helps users track their health measurements to reach their health goals, whether they want to maintain their blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight, eat healthier or learn more about their body’s operation. Any Humana customer can access the My Humana app, but customers do have to have a Humana online account set up before they can use the app for the first time. Customers will need to create a Humana ID and password for their online account, and this username and ID will carry over to the My Humana app (users will not need to create a new ID just for the Humana app).

MyApps Humana Highlights

  • Using the My Humana app is the easiest and fastest way for customers who have Humana insurance to track the status of an insurance claim and even pull up their Humana insurance card if they need to show it at a doctor’s office
  • If customers are curious at to what their Humana insurance covers exactly, they can pull up all of their insurance documents with the My Humana app
  • The MyApps Humana application service is super easy to access

Ordering prescriptions with the My Humana app

For customers with a Humana plan that includes Humana Pharmacy mail delivery, they can skip the lines at the pharmacy and order their prescriptions from anywhere with Humana’s mobile app. Humana customers can request and refill their Humana prescriptions, set pill reminders or check the order status – all from a mobile phone.

To contact Humana about using the mobile app

  • 1 (800) 448-6262

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