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Skype Go Prepaid Card US

  • Obtain more details about Skype prepaid cards
  • Skype Credit cards can be used to call mobiles and landlines worldwide at super low rates
  • Please note in order to redeem a prepaid card the customer will need a Skype Account

The Skype Prepaid Card US service is operated by Skype and/or Microsoft and Skype should not be used as a replacement for the good old fashion telephone and can’t be used for emergency calling.  All cards associated with the Skype Go Prepaid Card US service will expire in 12 months after activation at the point of sale.  Once the credits have been used associated with the Skype prepaid account the customer will not be able to make calls until the account is reloaded.

Skype Go Prepaid Card US Quick Notes

  • The card is valued in US Dollars
  • Calls are charged in one minute increments and any partial minute over five seconds will be rounded up to the next full minute
  • A connection fee per call applies
  • The card can also be used to send a text or get online at more than two million public hotspots worldwide using a Skype account
  • To start the redemption process the customer will need the name associated with the Skype account (customers can also use the email or phone number)
  • Customers who do not have a Skype account will have to create one before they are allowed to redeem a Skype Go Prepaid card
  • The full number on the back of the Skype Go Prepaid card will be needed

The Skype Go Prepaid Card can be purchased at places in the United States such as Best Buy, Target, Safeway, Office Depot, Hastings, BJ’s, Food Lion, and Giant Eagle.  Any questions about the Skype Go Prepaid Card US can be directed to the following toll-free number: 1-800-642-7676.


  1. www.skype.com/go/prepaidcardus