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My Afiniti AARP

  1. Learn more about the current offers and participating stores included in the Afiniti AARP promotional offer
  2. All offers are from Afiniti only and AARP does not provide any discounts related to the firm specifically

Any questions about the promotions Affinity offers can be directed to Media Village 131-151 Great Titchfield Street W1W 5BB or by Telephone: 0845 608 0104 or Email: web.enquiry@afiniti.co.uk/

Afinity Business Lore

  • Assist struggling businesses in reorganization and putting them in a position for success
  • We co-create inspiring collateral with you, uniting people behind a common goal and bringing the vision to life, to aid engagement and minimise resistance” – Afiniti
  • Works with both large and small-scale companies


  1. www.myafiniti.com/aarp