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Meijer MPerks

  1. Sing up or sign in to the Meijer MPerks coupon promotion online
  2. In order to sign up for the “mperks” program customers will be required to provide a valid phone number

It is estimated that frequent Meijer customers will save over 15% annually through the “MPERKS” promotional coupon program and any questions about the program can be directed to 1-877-E-MEIJER or by US Mail via Meijer | 2929 Walker Ave., NW | Grand Rapids, MI 49544-9424.

MPerks News & Notes

  • When making a purchase at the Meijer self check out please press the “mPerks” button at the bottom of the screen
  • After entering the members mPerks number enter the mPerks PIN number at the credit card reader
  • MPerks customers can enter the information online if they forget to at the time of check out
  • A receipt can only be remediate one time
  • Members must allow for 24 hours before entering the receipt information into the mPerks web page
  • Online manual MPerks submissions MUST be made within 90 days of the purchase or they will become void
  • The form can be used to submit up to 3 receipts per calendar month
  • All discounts associated with a MPerks transaction will appear at the bottom of the Meijer receipt
  • Offers a Meijer Mobile App that can be used in combination with the coupon clipping program
  • ALL digital receipts can be located under the “Shopping Tools” section in the users account online
  • To receive a copy of all Meijer digital receipts via email please check the “Email Digital Receipts” box

It should be noted that customers/members needing assistance with the account update process should speak with a Meijer customer care agent at 1-800-962-7011 daily from 7:00 AM EST – 1:00 AM EST.  Clipped Coupons and Earned Rewards can be viewed from the customer “wallet” tab within their MPerks online account.

Meijer Inc is a high-end, highly profitable (over $15 billion dollars in revenue in 2014) American hypermarket chain headquartered at 2929 Walker Ave, Grand Rapids, MI 49544.


  1. www.meijer.com/mperks