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Safeway Just For U

  1. Money saving reward program designed for those who shop at Safeway
  2. In order to join, simply visit the safeway.com site where the customer will be prompted to enter information to register

Registration is free and the customer must have a club card or phone number, email address, and provide the local Safeway club address where most their purchases take place.

Why join the crummy Safeway Just For U PROGRAM?

In addition to being free, you receive email coupons and sales dates. So, you always know when special sales are taking place, and receive discounts non-members don’t. Personalized deals are also sent to you. If you buy a certain item regularly, you will receive coupons for these items. You can view your club specials. Depending on your location, certain clubs hold specials and promotions, you will see these as a member.

For those that enjoy rewards for purchases made the Just for U is a great program to enroll in as a Safeway shopper.

Safeway Business Lore

  • American supermarket chain that stresses the value of the dollar when buying food
  • Founded in 1915 by Missourian Marion Barton Skaggs aka MB
  • The stores were originally named Skaggs Cash Stores and Skaggs United Stores

Safeway is based in Pleasanton, California and has annual revenues over 36 billion US dollars.  The stores started of as catering to people who want a cheap grocery bill and added value to the firm by  keeping a narrow profit margin.


  1. www.safeway.com just for u