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Entertainment Get Started

  1. Activate exclusive only member benefits online in a snap
  2. The consumer should not include spaces when entering the Entertainment Card Number or Access Code

It should be noted when signing up for Entertainment Get Started customers will need a valid email address and once activated the member can use the popular Entertainment Coupon Mobile App.  For those who have a Entertainment Book Membership please check the inside flap for the card number.  For those who signed up online please check the confirmation number for the access code.

Member only benefits included in the Entertainment Get Started promotion

  • Millions of 2 for 1 deals to choose from
  • Many coupons will be for 50% off the original price
  • The Entertainment Mobile App can be used in more than 100 cities in the US and Canada
  • Discounts include Restaurant Coupons, Movie Coupons, Travel Coupons and Air Travel
  • Members will automatically be enrolled in the membership newsletter upon activation

When using the Entertainment Mobile App offers and discounts may differ based on the merchant and some mobile offers may not be accepted by all merchants depending on the line of business.

Entertainment Books Lore

  • Founded as a way for grade schools to raise money
  • Been in the biz for over 50 years
  • Offers extreme discounts related to dining out, movies, travel and attractions
  • Popular companies found in Entertainment Books include The GAP, Office Depot, American Airlines, Target and AVIS Rental Car just to name a few

The Entertainment Book has won numerous award over the years and was named by USA Today as the best coupon book in the world.  EB is a favorite with old ladies across the US as they can never get enough coupons to satisfy their craving.