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Toll By Plate Invoice

  1. Pay a toll, create an account, replenish an account or pay documents with cash associated with the Homestead Extension of Florida’s Turnpike
  2. This extensions runs from Florida City to Miramar in Miami-Dade County

The Toll By the Plate invoice system uses digital image technology to capture the license plate of the driver and then bill the drive (aka customer) for use of the toll (if payments cannot be made on the toll itself).  The Toll By The Plate program strives to provide a safe highway for Floridians through traffic reduction and high fees.  The Turnpike Enterprise TOLL-BY-PLATE also attempt to reduce air pollution emitted by gas guzzlers.

Payment types

  • TOLL-BY-PLATE Invoice (most common)
  • Unpaid Toll Violation
  • Uniform Traffic Citation

Toll By The Plate Invoice Lore

  • A $2.50 administrative fee will be added to all toll invoices (non negotiable)
  • Customers will have 90 days to file a dispute
  • Disputes may be made over the phone, writing or in person
  • Failure to pay will result in the account being handle over to a collection agency

The TOLL-BY-PLATE Call Center can be reached by dialing 1-888-824-8655 or 1-888-265-1725 when faxing documents or letters.  Customer service centers are located in Saint Petersburg (4501 54th Avenue South, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33711-4647) and Boca Raton (7941 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33434).  Toll By The Plate customer can replenish their transponder with cash using a third-party service but will be charged a outrageous fee of $1.50 for each transaction.

Most Toll By The Plate customers are encouraged to link their accounts to a credit card to avoid paying high fees associated with third-party replenishment  services.  When Toll By The Plate account reaches $10 the customer’s credit card will be automatically charged to ensure they have enough money to pay for the toll.


  1. www.tollbyplate.com/invoice