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California Inmate Package

  1. Shop for quarterly packages with an inmate ID
  2. These “packages” commonly consist of clothing i.e. pants and shorts, tennis shoes, food, and health and beauty items

This packages can be used only by inmates who are registered with UnionSupplyInmatePackage or their families and friend who have accounts.  Special inmates who have the privilege A or B group rating can obtain one 30 pound Quarterly Package each quarter.Inmates who have a D grade are only allowed one 30 pound package per year (obviously inmates should strive to obtain a A or B grade).

UnionSupplyInmatePackage Fine print

  • Any questions associated with a California Inmate Package order can be directed to CAcustomerservice@unionsupplydirect.com or call customer service toll-free at 1-855-247-6098
  • Union Supply currently uses the CDCR’s Strategic Offender Management System (aka SOMS) when tracking packages to inmates
  • The California Identification number of the inmate will be required for ALL orders
  • All packages paid via credit card will be shipped in 48 hours or less
  • Packages paid via check (or money order) WILL NOT be shipped until the payment is received
  • Some popular items have a quantity limit associated with how many items can be ordered
  • Shipping and handling fees associated with packages will be $5.95
  • Any packages weighing in over 480 ounce weight will be rejected and the customer will have to reduce the amount of products in the package

All sale taxes are included in the price of the item and will not be added by California Inmate Package at the end of the sale and customers can make payments via credit card using any card with the Visa, MasterCard or Discover logo.

California Inmate Package Program Lore

  • Headquartered at c/o Union Supply Direct, Dept 100, P.O. Box 9018, Rancho Dominguez, CA 90224-9018
  • Toll Free Phone 855-247-6098 OR Toll Free Fax 888-857-6219
  • Offers a live chat service during normal business hours during the week

The service also allows a customer to track a packages scheduled to be delivered to a California inmate or sign up for email alerts to receive the latest news in relation to prison breaks.