www.amazon.com/streamtoday – Start 30 Day Free Prime Video Trial

Amazon Stream Today

  • Take advantage of a 30 day Amazon Prime Video free trial offer
  • Customers will enjoy unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows… Anywhere, anytime
  • Those who do not cancel the free trial will be billed the regular price for Amazon Primary Video

The Amazon Stream Today promotional offer requires the customer to have an Amazon account and shows can be streamed from Fire HD, Amazon Fire TV, game consoles, smart TVs, mobile phones and other streaming devices.  Please note Amazon reserve the right to change subscription terms and prices from time to time, effective as of the beginning of the next subscription term.  When signing up for the Amazon Stream Today offer please have a valid credit card on hand as this card will be used for any future billing purchases (debit cards are not allowed when registering for the Amazon Stream Today promotion).

Amazon Stream Today Highlights

  • Customers are allowed to watch and re-watch purchased videos as often as they want and as long as you want (so feel free to watch Forest Gump 100 times in a row)
  • A list of all devices that can be used to stream Amazon Prime Video: Amazon Video Compatible Devices
  • Many Prime videos are available for download
  • Customers are allowed a maximum of 25 total Prime Video titles downloaded at a time across all devices
  • Most downloads require the customer to watch the video within 30 days of the download being completed
  • Once the video has been started the Amazon Stream Today customer will usually have 48 hours to complete it

Please note those who cancel the Amazon Stream Today Prime or Prime Video membership will have access to the third-party video subscriptions that they are subscribed to at the time of cancellation or termination only until the end of the applicable monthly third-party subscription term.  Any questions about the Amazon Stream Today free trial offer can be directed to 888) 280-4331.


  1. www.amazon.com/streamtoday