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MAG Gift Card

  • Redeem a card online
  • The customer will be able to choose from more than 600 magazines
  • The redemption process will take less than a minute to complete

The MAG Gift Card includes popular magazines such as Newsweek, Better Homes & Gardens (ideal for stay at home moms), People (get all the latest celebrity gossip), Good Housekeeping, and Southern Living.  Any questions in regards to the MAG Gift Card magazine redemption service can be directed to 800-251-1542.  Once the customer has found the magazine they seek please enter the Gift Card Code located on the back of the card at checkout in order to receive the promotional rate (those who fail to enter the code will be sucked in to the standard cost of the magazine).  Please allow up to 8 weeks for the first magazine to be delivered.  Once the magazine subscription has expired the customer will have to renew it at the regular cost unless they have another MAG gift card code.  Many magazines will come with a sweet little treat in the form of a bonus offer… the bonus offer will allow the customer to secure not only the printed edition of the magazine but the digital edition.  The MAG gift card service is operated by Great American Opportunities.

Great American Opportunities

  • Popular fundraising company that specializes in the sales of candy, food, and magazines
  • Used mostly by grade schools (although cub scouts and a few high schools use the service every now and then)
  • Based in Nashville, TN

The Great American Opportunities Inc. corporate office is based at P.O. Box 305142 Nashville, TN 37230 and can be reached via phone by calling 800-251-1542 (this number is available from 8 am to 5 pm CT).  Alternative methods of contact include fax: 615-884-3442 or email at Agreatamerican@gafundraising.com (if reaching out to the firm via email about an order please leave a return phone number along with the order number).


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