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Check My Pay Card

  • Check a balance associated with a Commerce DirectCheck Card
  • New users can also activate a card online
  • This is a free service

Those who are using the check my pay card service to activate their Commerce DirectCheck Card will need to the card number and Internet access (the activation process can be secured through a mobile device but activating the card from the comfort of a desktop is much simpler).  Those who are returning users and would like to simply sign in should provide their username and password for account access.  The Commerce DirectCheck Card can be used with Apple Pay (this should satisfy the Apple fan boys), Samsung Pay, Visa Checkout, and Android Pay (Android pay is the best payment system according to those who are close to the payment processing industry).  The Commerce DirectCheck Card does not require a checking account and allows the customer to pay a bothersome bill lighting quick with less stress/effort.  With the CheckMyPay Card service the payments will post faster than checks and the program will keep track of all the users expenses (no need to keep a ledger documenting every payment).  The Commerce DirectCheck Card also comes with state of the art chip card technology and ATM access at AllPoint ATM’s.  Any questions in regards to the Check My Pay Card can be directed to a high-end Commerce Bank cardholders service agent at 1.866.620.1367 or for those who enjoy writing letters: Commerce Bank PO Box 411036 Kansas City, Missouri 64141-1036.

Commerce Bancshares, Inc

  • Kansas City based bank holding company
  • Founded in 1865
  • Operates in the states of Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Oklahoma

Commerce was founded by Francis Reid Long with less than $10,000 in capital.  Mr. Long named the bank the Kansas City Savings Association and did not become Commerce Bank until 1903 with William Thornton Kemper, Sr. under its control.


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