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Regional Finance

  • Apply for a personal loan online in just a few short minutes
  • These loans are ideal for¬†unanticipated bills, holiday cash (i.e. Christmas gifts or New Year Eves beer), car repairs, medical expenses, or even dental expenses
  • Loan amount usually range from¬†$2,500 to $12,000 (auto loans can go as high as $27,000 depending on the applicant)

The Regional Finance loan center has been in business for almost 30 years and has more than 300 branchaes accorss the United States. ¬†In many cases customers will be required to put up collateral to help protect Regional Finance in case of a default… collateral may come in the form of¬†personal property such as TVs, high end head phones, stereos, and/or car or truck titles. ¬†On the plus side Regional Finance will NOT¬†require the borrower to pay up-front costs or fees prior to receiving loan proceeds and those who are asked to pay a up front fee should call¬†(877) 762-8011 as soon as possible to file a report.

Regional Finance Highlights

  • Ideal for consumers who have a poor credit score and are having problems getting approved at a more tradtional lender (i.e. Bank of America)
  • Customers will be required to provide a¬†unexpired driver’s license or other government-issued ID,¬†recent payroll stub or other proof of income AND a¬†recent utility bill (water, telephone, power), bank statement, or lease agreement that states your name and physical address
  • Failure to provide proof of income will automatically result in the loan being rejected
  • Valid forms of payment include¬†cash, check, money order, or cashier’s check

Any questions about a loan with Regional Finance can be directed to 888-636-3535.  Customers who are approved for a loan from Regional Finance can expect the firm to report to Equifax and TransUnion once a month.  Borrowers wishing to obtain a current credit report from TransUnion should call (877) 322-8228 or visit transunion.com.


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