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ValPak Mom

  1. Enter the Valpak Mom Knows Best Sweepstakes
  2. One lucky winner will take home a check for $5000

The promotion is open now until May 11, 2014 and anyone in the US/Canada (with legal resident status) 18 years of age or older are allowed to play.  Entrants are allowed to enter once per day and residents in the province of Quebec are not allowed to enter.

ValPak Business Lore

  • Also known as Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, Inc.,
  • Founded in 1968 by Terry Loebel
  • Specializes in direct promotional coupon marketing to consumers in the United States and Canada
  • Has no plans for further foreign expansion at this time
  • Owned and operated by Cox Target Media

Mr. Loebel was unemployed at the time he founded the firm and started it with less than $600.  Mr. Loebel had a simple approach at the companies origins as he just mailed coupons to households in his area from his home residents.  The business became such as hit that he had to open a distribution center in Orlando, Florida in 1972 and by 1982 he expanded into Canada.  Today ValPak sends out more than 20 billion coupons per year and operates nearly 170 franchise offices.  ValPak has both a mobile app and a website to help propel itself into the 21st century.

ValPak can be reached at customer_service@valpak.com or by phone at 727.399.3175 (corporate office).


  1. www.valpak.com/mom