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USPS Employment Application

  1. Potential USPS employees can search and apply for JOBS online
  2. The United Postal Services strives to provide careers with premium benefits and high safety standards (the pay isn’t bad either)

It should be noted the service also provides information in regards to reassignment opportunities available to current USPS employees.  When applying for a career with the postal service online users will need a valid email address in order to create a eCareer Profile.  This profile will allow users to browse job, submit a resume, apply for a job, store favorites and other USPS Employment Application services.

USPS Career Application Notes

  • The USPS application site works best with Firefox or Internet Explorer
  • Postal Service employees receive regular salary increases (but cost tax payers a fortune for a service that is going the way of the dinosaur), overtime pay, night shift differential, and Sunday premium
  • ANy employees who work more than 40 hours a week will be paid overtime pay which is defined as 1.5 times the employee normal rate of pay (but may be taxed at a higher rate)
  • Pay me be higher for those working shifts that run between 6pm and 6am (night shift)
  • All postal employees will be granted FEHB aka Federal Employees Health Benefits upon hiring
  • Employee will have the option to enroll into the Thrift Savings Plan (the Governments version of a 401 k plan) although some in Congress are thinking about drafting a bill that would require the employee to opt out (vs opt in) to the Thrift Savings Plan
  • 10 days of annual leave are given to the employee each year for the first 5 years of employment (5 to 15 years of employment will result in 15 days a years AND 15 or more years on the job will result in 20 annual leave days annually)
  • Postal employee will receive 10 off days a year in the form of Federal holidays (aka bank off days)

Employment with the United States Postal Services requires the applicant to be 18 years at the time of appointment (or 16 years with a high school diploma), United States citizen, and a basic competency in the English language.  Coveted jobs within the US postal system include mail delivery, mail truck driver, processing clerks and upper management positions.


  1. www.usps.com/employment application