www.timeandlabor.paychex.com – Paychex Client Account Access

Time and Labor Paychex

  • Access a Time and Labor account online
  • Requires the clients ID, Login ID and password
  • The site is operated by Paychex, Inc.

This is a 100% Web Based time and labor management solutions system and any questions about a paycheck or the number of hours worked should be directed to the employees boss or human resource department (if you work for the Department of Veterans Affairs good luck because they have the worse HR department in the history of earth not to mention some of the stupidist people on the planet working for them).

Who is Paychex Inc?

  • HR and payroll firm
  • Founded in 1971 by B. Thomas Golisano
  • Serves both the United States and Germany

Paychex was formed by Mr. Tom Golisano with his entire life savings which amounted to $3000 (not a bad chunk of change at the time).  The firm grew and grew into a multi million dollar company with yearly revenues exceeding US$ 2,326.2 million.  The firm is headed by B. Thomas Golisano and his right hand man Martin Mucci who is considered the President and CEO of Paycheck.  The firm is based in Penfield, New York.

What type of exact services do they offer to other companies?

  • Delivery and securement of employee payroll checks
  • Production of internal accounting records
  • General ledger reporting service
  • Regulatory compliance services (I.E. employer compliance, new hire reporting)

The firm can be found on the NASDAQ stock exchange under ticker symbol PAYX and has more than 500,000 clients.  Major competitors that try to compete with Paychex include Automatic Data Processing (ADP) and TriNet Group.  At this time Paychex holds a 18 billion dollar market while ADP checks in at 40 billion (ADP is number by quit a large margin at this time).  The third largest firm is TNET with a market cap just over 1 billion US Dollars.