www.paypal.com/cash – Load Money PayPal Account

PayPal Cash

  1. Send cash or load money to an active PayPal account
  2. Requires a PayPal MyCash card

With the PayPal cash card service a customer does not need a bank account or credit card in order to send money to a PayPal account.  The one of a kind PayPal MyCash card can be found at CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General, Fred’s, Rite Aid and Family Dollar (more retailers will be added as the PayPal Cash program becomes more widely used).

PayPal Load Money Card Notes

  • My Cash Card is distributed and serviced either by iTC Financial Licenses, Inc. or IH Financial Services, Inc. depending upon the state or territory where the My Cash Card is purchased
  • Questions about the card can be directed to 1-855-721-5035
  • For security reason when adding money the customer will have to provide their legal name, address, date of birth and Social Security number
  • Consumers will be charged a $3.95 activation fee when using the My Cash Card
  • The My Cash Card has a daily limit of $500 and a monthly limit of $4000
  • For written correspondence: PayPal My Cash Card Customer Service PO Box 826 Fortson, GA 31808

The PayPal My Cash Card can be purchases in denominations between $20-$500.  Once the consumer has purchased the card they can apply funds quickly to a PayPal account using the PIN printed on the My Cash Card.

PayPal Corporate Lore

  • Private online payments system firm
  • Founded on a hot summer day in June of 1998
  • Has annual revenues exceeding 7 billion US Dollars

The founding fathers of PayPal include Max “Pain” Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke “Cool Hand” Nosek, and Ken Howery.  The fearsome foursome originally called the firm Confinity and was funded by the notorious millionaire John Malloy.


  1. www.paypal.com/cash