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Tell Subway Get Free Food

  1. After chowing down a 12 inch meatball sub take the Subway survey online to earn free food in the form of a cookie
  2. The customer will need the store receipt number in order to begin and customer can use the Find your store # icon to locate where the purchase took place

Please note the free cookie is not guaranteed to be fresh and may or not be a chocolate chip cookie depending on which cookies were popular at Subway on the given day.  Customer must take the Tell Subway survey within 30 days and the feedback will only take 1 minute.  All feedback will be provided to the given Subway store manager in efforts to improve customer service.  SUBWAY® is a registered trademark of Doctor’s Associates Inc. Doctor’s Associates Inc. and will never sell the feedback to a third part for a profit.

Other Subway Free Cookie Survey notes

  • Customers are only allowed to take one survey every 24 hours
  • A valid email address will be needed in order to claim the Subway cookie
  • After the Tell Subway survey the customer will be emailed the free cookie coupon code
  • Please be sure to check the email junk box as many email providers will sent it to JUNK

Subway Corporate Profile

  • A wildly successful sub shop
  • Founded in 1965 out of Connecticut, U.S.
  • Owes rapid expansion to a person named Jared as the weight loss commercials by eating a sub for every meal were a smash hit with the public and still are today
  • Operates over 43,xxx restaurants in more than one hundred countries (to include remote areas in India, Australia and Singapore
  • Was founded under the name “Pete’s Super Submarines” with a measly $1000

Subway strives to provide healthier meal options BUT customers who are attempting to limit their sodium intake should opt for another dining company.  Subway does offer catering service as long as the customer provides 24 hours notice and the total cost of the order is under $10,000.


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