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The Stearns online mortgage service is free to use for all current loan holders and is operated by Stearns Lending.  Some loans may be transferred to Stearns… in this case please allow Stearns to complete the verification process to ensure all loan documents were transferred correctly.  All previous payments that were made to the borrowers previous loan holder will now be shown at Stearns.MyLoanCare.com (the borrower will not incur late fees or credit reporting on their account for 60 days post transfer).  Credit report disputes should be sent to one of the major credit bureau’s and be sent in writing to the mortgage resolution unit. Please include the borrowers loan number, name, and a copy of their credit report from one of the following credit repositories: TransUnion, Equifax, Experian or Innovis.  Please allow up to 30 days for the dispute to be resolved (in many cases it will take less than 14 days but may take up to 30 or more depending on their current level of disputes).  All new customers will receive a welcome letter from Stearns.  This “welcome letter” includes a sweet welcome message welcoming the customer to the family along with effective date of transfer, the date the customers current servicers will stop accepting payments and the date the new servicers will be accepting them; the name, address, and telephone number of new servicers; optional insurance information; and that the transfer of servicing does not affect any term or condition of customers mortgage documents, other than the terms directly related to the servicing.  Please note all documents available for printing via Stearns.MyLoanCare.com will require Adobe.

Stearns My Loan Care Notes

  • Any questions about a loan can be directed to 1.800.909.9525
  • Those looking to mail a borrower response package can send it to: Attn: Loss Mitigation Department, 3637 Sentara Way, Virginia Beach, VA 23452


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