www.solstasbillpay.com – Pay Solstas Lab Bill Online

Solstas Bill Pay

  • Make a one time payment to Solstas Lab Partners
  • This is NOT designed for automatic bill pay
  • Will take less than 1 minute to pay a bill for those who have any computer skills (old people might be in trouble here)

The Solstas Bill Pay service is powered by Quest Diagnostics and the customer’s information will only be used for bill pay purposes.  Please note customers will want to have their most recent Solstas Lab Partners billing invoice and bank account or credit card information on hand at the time of bill pay.  The Solstas bill pay service can be used by clients or patients as long as they have the ability to pay online.  Customers who are using their bank account to pay the lab bill will have to hand over the routing and account number (and pray they have enough money in their checking account to cover the cost).  To make the payment the customer will want to enter the exact account/invoice number and zip code, as it appears on their Solstas billing invoice.  Those who are not able to pay will be given some time to come up with the funds or the account will be sent to those annoying bill collectors (please call the toll-free number of the Solstas bill statement to set up and payment plan or obtain more information in regards to how much time the customer has to make a payment once the due date has passed).

Solstas Bill Pay Notes

  • Fast and easy
  • Cannot set up recurring payments
  • Those who are patients must choose “PATIENT” from the Division drop-down box

Any questions in regards to a payment associated with a Solstas lab can be directed to (888) 664-7601 or customers looking to reach the firm by mail can write to: Solstas Lab Partners 4380 Federal Drive Suite 100 Greensboro, NC 27410.


  1. www.solstasbillpay.com