RanchRewards.com – Pizza Ranch My Rewards Guide


  1. Register a Pizza Ranch rewards card or enroll in the membership program
  2. Once enrolled in the program, the customer will earn 1 point for each dollar spent at Pizza Ranch
  3. Any questions about the rewards program can be directed to ranchrewards@pizzaranch.com or 1-855-321-3401
  4. Visit www.ranchrewards.com to start the survey now

Once a customer has accumulated 75 points, they can be exchanged for a $5 off coupon.  The Pizza Ranch card can be requested at any location and must be registered online before points start to add up.

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“Complete the Enrollment Form, and we will send you an email instantly with a temporary membership number that will start earning your rewards today. When you stop in at a participating Pizza Ranch®, bring a printout of your confirmation email showing your temporary number. Our ranch hands will issue you a permanent card on the spot. It’s that easy!”Ranch Rewards Program.

Pizza Ranch My Rewards Lore

  • Customers will obtain 25 bonus points when registering the card
  • Members will receive a $5 reward on their Ranch Rewards card the Monday before their birthday in hopes they will visit a Pizza Ranch on their BDAY
  • The Birthday bonus points must be used within 30 days
  • Points are rounded up or down to the nearest dollar, i.e., a purchase of $35.78 will be rounded up to $36, which will equal 36 reward points
  • The card number and registration code will be needed when registering the card
  • At the 75-point mark, the rewards will be automatically converted to a $5 reward
  • Rewards CAN be used in conjunction with most other COUPONS, deals and promotions offered by Pizza Ranch
  • Rewards are not redeemable for cash and carry zero monetary value
  • More than one card can be combined to be used on one meal
  • The customer will have 12 months (aka one year) to earn pizza reward points from the date they are earned
  • Non-food and beverage items will not be credited toward points

Please note the program is free to join, and a valid email address will be required upon sign-up.  Carry-out and delivery orders WILL earn Pizza Reward points, BUT online orders will NOT.  All points will be deemed final when the waiter signs and closes the check.