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Quorn Foods Settlement

  • Obtain more information about the class action lawsuit entitled Birbrower v. Quorn Foods Inc.
  • The settlement amount varies and will depend on if the claimant has a receipt or does not have a receipt
  • The Quorn Foods Class Action Lawsuit is listed as case number 2:16-cv-01346-DMG-AJW

The Quorn Food Settlement is pending out of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California and all class members who file valid claims will automatically be represented by Jason M. Frank and Scott H. Sims of Frank Sims & Stolper LLP, and Eric F. Yuhl and Colin A. Yuhl of Yuhl Carr, LLP.  The Quorn Foods Settlement revolves around claims that Quorn Foods Inc. misled consumers into buying products made from fermented mold (a type of fungi), not mushroom-based protein as the product package reportedly implies.  Class members also claim that Quorn Foods Inc. did not disclose that “Mycoprotein” was used in its products and that is a mold member of the fungi family.  Quorn Foods denies any actions of wrong doing but have agreed to a settlement to avoid the unknown expenses associated with a trial.  The lead plaintiff in the case is Kimberly Birbrower.  Any questions about the Quorn Foods Settlement (such as eligibility, settlement amount) can be directed to 1-800-399-9796 or email info@QuornFoodsSettlement.com.  Class members who have a copy of the receipt will receive a 100% refund for the exact purchase amount in which was made (there is no limit to the amount funds that can be claimed using the method).  Class members who do not have a receipt are allowed to claim up to $200 if they provide a credit or debit card statement, or non-itemized receipt, showing charges at a store where Quorn products were sold during the Class Period.  Class members who do not have a receipt and make a claim must agree to file under penalty of perjury.

Quorn Foods Settlement Notes

  • The deadline to file a claim is listed at 6/1/17
  • The settlement fairness hearing will take place on 9/1/7
  • Old school claimants who file a claim via US mail should send it to: Quorn Foods Class Action Settlement c/o Atticus Administration PO Box 582959 Minneapolis, MN 55458


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