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Civil Court Notice

  • The Civil Court Notice service is set up to help residents of California who have been sued find out more information about their lawsuit
  • Civil Court Notice isn’t a legal representation company, but a lawsuit information one
  • This service can tell residents of California all the details of a law suit, including who is suing them, what type of law suit it actually is, court dates, and more
  • The best thing about Civil Court Notice is that it’s totally free to use
  • People searching for lawsuit information using this service don’t even need to enter their credit card information

After providing information on a law suit, Civil Court Notice also gives information about local lawyers that are available for hire. Any lawyer listed on this service is among the most ethical and reliable in the state of California,  and must be dedicated to transparency. A lawyer who has been disciplined by the California State Bar for any reason can’t be listed here. The information that Civil Court Notice obtains is free to the public, so they don’t charge their customers anything for the information they find. Legally, process servers who send out law suit notifications in California are required to notify a recipient about all the details of a law suit. Many times though, this doesn’t happen.

Why Should California Residents Use Civil Court Notice?

Thanks to reduced staff and more than 50 court houses shutting down, lines at California court houses are longer than ever. A retired employee, Judge Stephen Jahr, said that the cases now are backed up more than any time in the state’s history. It’s becoming almost impossible for a normal citizen to navigate the legal process, and  that’s why the experts at Civil Court Notice can be so useful.

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