www.photonotice.com enter city code – PhotoNotice Printed Citation Code

Photo Notice Enter City Code

  1. Pay a ticket online
  2. Requires the citation number, license plate number and city code in which the ticket took place

Any questions in regards to the photo notice service should be directed to 1-877-847-2338 and customers are encourages to watch the instructional video before attempting to pay a ticket online.  If the user sees a red “x” in the video box then it is possible the network they are using that is blocking streaming content (Many public networks such as libraries or city offices block streaming content).

Photo Notice Notes

  • All information is required and can be found on the ticket in question
  • Failure to pay a ticket may result in additional fines and or jail time
  • All text boxes displayed on the site are not case-sensitive
  • Red Light Violation Video Online Viewing
  • Many states are having trouble upholding tickets associated with a red light violation

Many people claim these photo violations are unconstitutional and if you are not the driver of the vehicle, you are still responsible to pay the fine.  It should also be noted that the operates of the PhotoNotice site are not a City or State municipality but a private business seeking profits (AND the best way for them to make a profit is by capturing people running red lights).  This give the Photo Notice company an incentive to hand out more tickets… many US citizens are enraged by this technology and consumers are encouraged not to pay the ticket but schedule a hearing instead.  If the city fails to schedule the meeting within 90 days then the PhotoNotice citation is dismissed.


  1. www.photonotice.com enter city code