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Personal Savings American Express

  • An American Express Personal Savings High Yield Savings Account has an APR of up to .9%, making it one of the highest yielding savings accounts available today
  • The average APR for a savings account from the top 50 US banks is only .09%, meaning an AmEx savings account is a far better option for earning more money
  • AmEx’s high yield savings account is insured to at least $250,000 for every depositor

One of the best things about a savings account from American Express is that there are no minimums and no annual fees, so any money people put it stays their money. An American Express high yield savings account even connects easily with almost any bank account, meaning that customers don’t need to switch banks to start saving.

Personal Savings American Express Highlights

  • A good (but not great) savings program
  • Questions in regards to the program can be directed to an American Express customer service agent at 800-446-6307
  • To reach the Personal Savings AMEX program by mail please write to: American Express Bank, FSB, P.O. Box 30384, Salt Lake City, Utah 84130

An American Express savings account is not connected to any other American Express card services, so no data is shared between the two areas.

How to transfer money from a bank account to an American Express savings account

  • To save even more money, it’s easy to set up recurring deposits from a bank account to a high yield American Express savings account
  • If the funds transfer is initiated by the depositing bank (meaning money is “pushed” to the AMEX account), funds are usually deposited in the American Express account within 1 to 3 days. Funds that are “pulled” from one account to another usually take about 3 days to process, and the money will be fully available on the 5th day

Since American Express savings accounts connect so easily with bank accounts, moving money between the two is simple, and can be done 24/7 online without any extra fees. Up to 3 bank accounts can be securely connected with one American Express savings account.


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