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American Express My Business Gift

  • Check the balance of a business gift card online
  • The AMEX business gift card number will be required
  • Gift card holders can also view recent transaction that were made with the American Express business gift card

Business gift cards from American Express make for the perfect Christmas present to co-workers and are available in the amount between $25 and $3,000.  Business gift cards will ship within 3 to 10 business days (depending on the type of card ordered) from the date of order and the total order value must be less than $100,000, including purchase and shipping fees.  Please note that orders of $100k or more are allowed but the business must call a special number to make the order…  please call 1-800-316-4420.

AMEX Business Gift Cards 

  • The balance never expires
  • No fees are charged after the purchase
  • AMEX will replace lost or stolen gift cards*
  • When making an order the purchaser will be required to provide a business name and address
  • Cards can be customized to display graphics and sayings such as “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”
  • Sadly American Express does not ship Business Gift cards to the states of Hawaii or Vermont
  • Business gift card can be used as part of a contest within the company are have been proven as an excellent way to improve morale and drive sales

* Recipients may obtain a free replacement after a Card’s valid thru date passes by calling Customer Service at 1-877-297-4438

All Business Gift Cards issued by AMEX are backed by the security and service of American Express and can be used anywhere in the United States where the AMEX logo is present.  Gift cards are popular ideas for employee incentive programs, secretaries day, and wellness program incentives (i.e. reward employees when loosing a certain amount of fat).

Businesses looking to make a bulk order ($100,000 or more) can also email B2BConciergeTeam@aexp.com.


  1. www.americanexpress.com/mybusinessgift