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  • The Paycom HR and Payroll Solutions service
  • Essentially any tasks that would be normally done by an on site HR representative can be handled by Paycom (mostly Paycom takes the stress of searching for new employees off of HR on site)
  • Businesses who aren’t yet familiar with what Paycom does can log on to try out a free demo of Paycom to see how their services could help them

By visiting the Paycom HR web site, business can learn more about the services Paycom offers to make businesses run more smoothly like payroll, talent acquisition, HR management, time management, and talent management. Paycom is a workforce application that’s designed to put the employee first, mostly through the fact that employees, front line managers and executives are given 24/7 access to managing their employee information, while Paycom’s single database helps manage employee’s recruitment, retirement and everything in between. Paycom believes that one of the biggest hindrances to an office today is not getting the right talent in place to begin with, so their focus is on helping businesses find the very best talent in their area. Instead of going through traditional routes like putting a job listing out to the public, Paycom actually goes seeking out the best workers instead of waiting for the workers to come to the business.

More to Know About Paycom

Paycom first launched in 1998, and has locations and offices today all across the United States. Paycom is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified and employs Ernst and Young to complete SSAE16 attestations and SOC1 reports of our internal controls every six months. This means they have some of the toughest security standards anywhere in the HR industry.

To contact Paycom about a customer service issue or about potentially using their services

  • Paycom Corporate Headquarters, 7501 W Memorial Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73142
  • 800-580-4505


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