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Organic Dice Class Action Lawsuit

  • A class action lawsuit settlement has been announced in rna, et al. v. Isle of Capri Casinos Inc., et al., which is listed as case number 0:17-cv-60144-FAM pending in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida
  • OrganicDiceSettlement.com is administered by JND Class Action Administration
  • Claim form MUST be in no later than 1/19/18

Class members in the Organic Dice Fan Club lawsuit contend that the Isle of Capri Casinos overcharged commissions on winning bets placed on a particular electronic gaming device.  Isle of Capri Casinos denies any actions of wrong doing and admit no actions of fault but have agreed to a settlement in order to avoid a long drawn out trial.

www.OrganicDiceSettlement.com Notes

  • Class members will either receive $15 or $30 depending on the amount of claims submitted
  • Anyone who between 7/8/15 to 1/22/17 played the Interblock-made Organic Dice electronic gaming machine and were members of the Isle of Capri Fan Club should file a claim
  • Class Members are asked to provide any supporting documentation of their qualifying bets
  • Plaintiffs who originally filed this lawsuit are named Daniel Brna, Ramon Fernandez and James Scott

Class members who file valid claim will automatically be represented by John Uustal and Cristina Pierson (from the law firm of KELLEY UUSTAL PLC) and Daren Stabinski (from the law firm of DAREN STABINSKI PA).

Any question sin regards to the class action lawsuit can be directed to OrganicDiceSettlement@jndla.com or by mail: Organic Dice Settlement Administrator, c/o JND Class Action Administration, P.O. Box 6848, Broomfield, CO 80021.


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