www.mybridges.gov – Apply For MYBridges Benefits


  1. Apply for state sponsored health care coverage, Michigan social services benefits or check the status of a current case
  2. The site also provides MIBridges training videos for those who qualify

It should be noted once an application has been submitted it CANNOT be altered or edited and any mistakes made should be brought to the attention of the state worked at the time of the interview.

Contacting Michigan Bridges?

  • For a lost Bridge Card/EBT Card please call 1-888-678-8914
  • Ask a question via email by: DHS-Self-Service-Processing-Center@Michigan.gov

*Hot Tip: When requesting help via email leave a call back phone number and a rep will attempt to reach the applicant via telephone.

Online applications times?

  • health care coverage in relation to a medical decision on disability: 90 days
  • pregnant women health care coverage: 15 days
  • emergency relief due to a state emergency (flooding, heat, snow): 10 days
  • family independence cash assistance: 45
  • refugee cash assistance: 30 days

From the website:

“To Apply for Healthy Michigan Plan, click on Apply For Health Care Coverage Only.If you do not have a user id and password, click on ‘Apply For Health Care Coverage Only’, ‘Apply For Multiple Benefits’ or ‘View My Case’ to create an account.” – MYBridges

Michigan State Beneifts

  • State Disability Assistance
  • Food Stamps (stamps to by food i.e coffee)
  • Social Security and Supplemental Security Income disability programs
  • Housing Programs (i.e. Michigan State Housing Authority)
  • Education (i.e. school for the deaf)

Please note in order to receive most of these benefits the individual will most likely have to be poor or disabled in some sore of way.


  1. Disability Resources > Benefits
  2. www.mybridges.gov