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Family Dollar Online Application

  1. Apply for a job at Family Dollar online
  2. Applicants can apply for a in store job, for the Family Dollar’s Distribution Centers or start a career in the corporate field
  3. Family Dollar is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is a drug-free workplace

Family Dollar store careers are the most common form of application but also pay the least.  As a FD store employee most people will start of as a customer service representative where they will be checking people out, stock shelves or cleaning the store for right around minimum wage.  Employees who are serious about moving up in the company will follow the career development track.

Family Dollar career development track?

  1. VP (in charge or everyone and making lots of $$$)
  2. RVP (in charge of 10 to 20 Family Dollar District Managers)
  3. District Manager (oversees 15 to 30 stores)
  4. Store Manager (manages one store location)
  5. Field Specialists (provides support to Family Dollar store and district managers)
  6. Assistant Store Manager
  7. Cashier/Customer Service

The above list is associated with how much the employee will be paid i.e. the higher on the list the more money the Family Dollar employee will be compensated (generally speaking).

Family Dollar’s Distribution Centers and Corporate Careers can also be applied for online using the Family Dollar Online Application but are less numerous than the in store careers.  Most FD corporate positions are located in Charlotte, NC but every once in awhile a position will become available in other locations (i.e. Richmond, New Orleans).

Common Types of Family Dollar Corporate Positions?

  • Regional  Loss Prevention Manager
  • Private Brand Business Development Director
  • Senior Business Analyst

Each corporate job will be accompanied with a Requisition ID number and a job posting date.  It should be noted most Family Dollar corporate careers require a higher degree of education (i.e. Bachelors, Masters Degree).


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