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Lee Settlement Info

  1. Provides information about the class action lawsuit entitled Jennifer Lee v. OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC
  2. Class members content they were a victim of a force-placed insurance scheme which milked homeowners into paying for inflated premiums

The case will be heard in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida and a final hearing has been scheduled for June 11, 2015.  Lee settlement Info class members state they were “forced” to pay for hazard, flood, flood-gap, or wind insurance coverage that resulted in pay inflated rates for excessive coverage.

The Jennifer Lee v. OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC  lawsuit may be defined best as “an extremely lucrative profit-making scheme that reaps hundreds of millions of dollars annually” to the cost of unsuspecting borrowers.

Lee Settlement Notes Of Interest

  • ALL claims forms must be filed before 9/9/15
  • This is case number 0:14-cv-60649
  • Ocwen has hired big time attorney Brian V. Otero to defend their rights
  • Assurant will be represented by Frank G. Burt from CARLTON FIELDS JORDEN BURT, P.A.
  • A $140 million dollar settlement fund has been established
  • The settlement was preliminary approved on Dec. 18, 2014
  • The case is and will be heard by the honorable Jonathan Goodman (U.S. Magistrate)
  • The case is thought to include around 400,000 home owners in the United States
  • Ocwen Chairman William Erbey went on to resign from his position as a result of the Lee Settlement

What is the potential payout/settlement?

According to court documents “Defendants (aka OCWEN and Assurant) have agreed to provide a cash award or credit in the amount of 12.5% of the Net Premium charged to the claimant during the Class Period for the LPI Policy by Ocwen”

DO NOT contact Ocwen with questions about the lawsuit… all questions should be directed to the Lee Settlement Center at Rust Consulting P.O. Box 2225 Faribault, MN 55021-1625 or by phone by dialing toll-free 877-294-6778.  Lee Settlement class members who elect to stay in the lawsuit will be represented by Adam M. Moskowitz, Aaron S. Podhurst and Lance A. Harke.


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