www.dtc.rebatepromotions.com – Discount Tire Rebate Center

DTC Rebate Center

  1. Submit or check a rebate status with Discount Tire online
  2. Customers can also manage a Discount Tire account with their email address and password

When submitting a rebate online the customer must have the following:

  • Offer code
  • Invoice number
  • Transaction date
  • Customers phone number

The DTC Rebate center offer code will be five digits long and consist of all numbers (the number can be found at the top of the Discount Tire rebate offer.  The invoice number will be seven digits long and will also consist of all numbers.  Customers should be able to complete the rebate process in less than 5 minutes.  The site also offers real-time customer support to Discount Tire customers in the form of an online chat service.

DTC Rebate Notes

  • It may take up to four business day for the invoice data to be updated in the Discount Tire system
  • The match will happen automatically as soon as the invoice is received and the customer will be notified by email immediately
  • Some Discount Tire customers will be required to fax or mail the rebate in (this happens most often when DTC cannot electronically validate the customers invoice)*
  • Customers can expect to receive the rebate via US mail in 3 to 4 weeks (assuming approval)
  • All rebates will be sent via first class mail
  • DTC expired rebates will be rejected no questions ask

* This does not imply the customer will not eligible for a rebate, it just means that DTC will have to review/process the rebate manually.

Customer who lose their rebate offers or invoice will have to contact the Discount Tire location in which the purchase was made in order to obtain a copy/replacement.  All DTC rebate offers should be mailed to: DT [insert offer number] P.O. Box 6129 Mesa, AZ 85216 OR BY FAX to 480-668-9402.  Under normal circumstances customers are only allowed to submit one rebate per offer.


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