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Hooters Listens

  • After scarfing down on some of the world-famous chicken wings from Hooters be sure to take their online survey
  • Customers who complete the Hooters Listens survey in full will earn an incentive in the form of a coupon or sweepstakes entry
  • The customer is only allowed to complete the survey offer once in every 30 days

Hooters Listens is operated by the Service Management Group and is designed to improve the customer service (and overall quality) of each Hooters location.  All feedback will be directed to the general manager in charge of the Hooters in which the visit took place.  To take the Hooters Guest Survey customers will need the store number along with the date of visit and Internet connection as it does not appear that the survey can be taken via telephone.  The Hooters Listens survey is available in English or Spanish and should only take a few minutes to complete.

Hooters, Inc.

  • All American restaurant chains specializing in chicken wings, beer, and beautiful waitresses
  • More than 400 locations across the United States
  • Founded in 1983 by Lynn D. Stewart, Gil DiGiannantonio, Ed Droste, Billy Ranieri, Ken Wimmer and Dennis Johnson out of Clearwater Florida
  • Private firm mean it is not listed on the New York Stock Exchange

Besides the United States Hooters also has international location to include the countries of Aruba, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Germany, Guatemala, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Philippines, Signapore, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Russia, and the United Kingdom.

Must try menu items when visitng a Hooters?

  • Hooters Classic Chicken Wings (comes in boneless as well but bone in is the way to go)
  • More than a Mouthful burger
  • BBQ Bacon Cheddar
  • Philly Cheese Steak (Beef or Chicken)

Please note when ordering a sandwich at Hooters customers will be able to pick from cole slaw, baked beans, or potato salad.


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