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Discover Balance Transfer

  1. Transferring a balance to a Discover card in hopes to catch up on existing debt
  2. Designed for customers looking to move debt from a high interest account
  3. Discover will help customers save through a low APR promotion for the first 12 months


It should be noted that rather than paying multiple creditors on multiple due dates the Discover Balance Transfer offer allows them to consolidate balances onto a Discover card and make one payment on all balance transfers.  Balances can be transferred from all sorts of every day expenses to include school loans, credit or store cards (i.e. Macy’s credit card), health care bills and auto loans.

Further Notes

  • Once approved most transfers are processed within 5-7 calendar days
  • Please call 1-866-240-7940 for questions regarding the transfer process
  • For newly opened accounts, processing begins on the 14th day after the new credit card account is opened (i.e if the account is opened on the 4th then processing begins on the 18th) and will take an additional 1-2 days to post to a Discover card account
  • Discover Financial will contact the customers creditors and pay them off so the customer is not even required to speak or make a phone call with the creditors

“Chances are you’re paying high interest to one or more creditors, which means it’s taking longer to pay off any outstanding balances. Here’s where a Balance Transfer offer from Discover can help… Rather than paying multiple creditors on multiple due dates, consolidate your balances onto your Discover card for one easy payment on your balance transfers.” – Discover Balance Transfer web page

Consumers with debt/credit issues should avoid running up debt on old cards, cut up credit cards and only pay in cash, pay off balances transfers during the promo period like the one being offered by Discover and take classes to learn how to avoid a bad credit rating/debt.


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