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DD Perks

  • Sign up for the Dunkin’ Donuts Perks program
  • A must for Dunkin’ Donuts fan boys
  • Provides money-saving coupons and promotions

DDPerks.com will allow the customer to earn loyalty rewards which can be used in conjunction with On-the-Go Ordering, special offers, plus a whole lot of Free Beverages!  Please note the free beverage under the terms of the DDPerks program is defined as a beverage in any size of the customer’s choice and includes any iced or hot coffee, tea or latte, hot chocolate or Coolatta (unfortunately at this time all cooler beverages are excluded).  Free beverages can be obtained upon initial DDPerks sign up, when the member has earned 200 points, or on their Birthday (what a nice way to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Dunkin’ Donuts!).  Customers who visits Dunkin’ Donuts on a frequent basis would be foolish not to sign up for this lucrative rewards program!  Please note www.DDPerks.com is not the same as a Dunkin’ account.  The Dunkin’ account is simply a way to store DD Cards and receive Dunkin’ emails and does not offer lucrative rewards in the form of a free beverage of a Birthday surprise!  Free Beverage reward coupons can be sent to an email account for printing, viewable at DunkinDonuts.com, or available on the Dunkin’ Donut mobile app.   For a complete list of participating restaurants, please use our restaurant locator.

www.DDPerks.com Notes

  1. Customers will have 90 days to use their free beverage coupon
  2. Points will expire within one year of being earned
  3. The DD Perks program is free to join
  4. Dunkin’ Donuts reserves the right to alter or terminate the terms of this program at anytime
  5. Baskin-Robbins gift cards are not allowed to be registered to a DDPerks account
  6. Purchasing a newspaper, DD Cards or gift certificates will not earn points towards this rewards program
  7. Only a registered DD Card can be used to earn points during a transaction.


  1. www.ddperks.com