www.carrssurvey.net – Safeway CARRS Customer Feedback Survey

CARRS Survey

  1. Take a brief survey and enter a drawing to win one of five $100 Safeway Gift Cards
  2. Gift card drawing will be given away on a month basis

To take the CARRS Survey customers will need the store location, Cashier/ Operator number and a valid email address.  The survey will take about five minutes and a progress bar will be shown at the bottom of the screen showing what % has been registered.  Customers can also opt in to receive CARRS coupon and promotions by email.

CARRS Survey Quetions?

“Please rate your overall experience at this store”

“If asked, your likelihood to recommend this store to others?”

“Did an associate provide exceptional service during your visit?”

Carrs-Safeway is a subsidiary of Safeway Inc. and was previously named Carrs Quality Centers before the buyout.  The firm was acquired by Safeway in 1999 when they saw the potential for mega profits. Carrs was originally owned and operated by Larry Carr and his partner in crime Barney Gottstein.  After several years of making money hand over fist Mr. Carr and Mr. Gottstein sold the firm for a undislcoed amount and left the name Carrs due to strong customer support.  Carrs/Safeway Stores offer a reward club card that earns points for every dollar spent (get 100 points and receive .10 cents of a gallon of gas).


  1. www.carrssurvey.net