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Bank of America EDD Card

  • With the EDD Card web page from Bank of America, California residents can manage their Employment Development Department Debit Card
  • The California EDD card web site is the best way to view information related to unemployment, disability, and paid family leave benefits in California
  • Residents who are receiving their California EDD card for the first time will need to activate it before it can be used

By using the EDD Card, residents can have instant access to their benefits from the state of California, including cash back at almost every grocery and convenience store or cash at any ATM that accepts Visa, and can even transfer these funds to a personal bank account.  California EDD cards are good for three years from the date that they’re issued. To ensure security, every EDD card has the recipient’s name printed on the front.

Bank of America EDD Card Highlights

  • A Visa card is automatically mailed to residents who are approved for EDD benefits in the form of a card that is accepted anywhere Visa is taken
  • With the California EDD card, residents no longer have to wait to receive their checks in the mail, and don’t have to pay check cashing fees
  • There are no fees to use a California EDD card in a retail store or online

How to check the balance on a California EDD card

California residents can easily check the balance on their EDD card by calling 1.866.692.9374, or through any ATM that offers balance inquiry services. EDD balance inquiries can also be conducted online at the Bank of America website. Customers can sign up to receive low balance text messages or emails, or receive an alert when a transaction above a certain threshold is made.  Any questions in regards to the Bank of America EDD Card can be directed to 866.692.9374.


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