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AZUI File An Appeal

  • Obtain details about how to file an appeal related to a unemployment insurance claim that was denied by the state of Arizona
  • In the state of Arizona both the claimant or the employer may file an appeal
  • Do not wait to obtain proof to file an appeal (it is best to file the appeal as soon as possible if the applicant or employer feels like they were wronged)

The most common question in regards to AZUI file an appeal service is how long does the person have to file an appeal?  It depends on the situation but applicants have 15 calendar days after the mailing date for a Determination of Deputy, Determination of overpayments; 30 calendar days after the mailing date or electronic transmission date of the Decision of Appeal Tribunal; 30 calendar days after the mailing date of a Decision or Decision Upon Review of the Appeals Board.

There are a total of 4 types of appeal that can be filed related to a AZUI case

  1. Determination of Deputy
  2. Reopen AZUI claim for Review (this option is used when the person filling an appeal failed to appear at the scheduled hearing)
  3. Appeal to the Appeals Board (used in the event the initial appeal is denied)
  4. Appeal to the highest level in the form of the Court of Appeals (this option is only used by the most desperate of people)

When filing an appeal with the state of Arizona (AZUI) please be sure to include the appellant name and Social Security number along with the official documents of denial.  All appeals can be filed by mail, online, or by dropping them of at any AZUI Unemployment Insurance Benefits office.  Please note the AZUI online appeal application is only made available to claimants (aka poor people trying to cheat the system) at this time.

Any questions about the AZUI file an appeal process can be directed to (602) 542-4791.


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