www.att.com/tvappleoffer – DIRECTV Apple iPhone 7 Promotional Offer

AT&T TV Apple Offer

  • ATT’s DirecTV Apple offer gives customers a free 32GB iPhone 7 when they switch to AT&T and have DirecTV service for the minimum amount of time
  • Monthly AT&T bill credits will start within the first three bill cycles, and will eventually equal $650 in credits over the life of the promotion
  • This promotional offer is designed for new DIRECTV customers only
  • In order to earn the promotional credits the customers DIRECTV account must be in good standing

Customers can get a new iPhone 7 free on the AT&T Next plan when they have qualifying wireless service of $50 a month or more and qualifying TV service of $30 a month or more. The phone will not appear as free in the customer’s cart when they make their purchase from AT&T. When a customer signs up for this plan, they will have to pay taxes on the full value of their free phone. There’s also a $20 activation fee that must be paid before the customer can activate their phone for use. A qualifying AT&T cell phone plan for this offer must be a postpaid wireless plan that has both voice and data. There is a limit of one free wireless device per account per year through this offer. Please note that customers who purchase a phone that’s more than $650 will only receive that amount in credit, meaning they’ll be responsible to pay the remainder on their own.

What DirecTV package is required to take advantage of this offer?

Customers who want to take advantage of this offer can sign up for any available DirecTV package as long as it’s at least the minimum amount Any new DirecTV service must be installed in the customer’s home within 30 days of their iPhone 7 purchase and activation. Both the DirecTV account and the AT&T wireless account bills must have the same address to qualify for this offer.

  • Both AT&T wireless service and DirecTV servuce must remain active for at least 30 months to receive full credit for this offer


  1. www.att.com/tvappleoffer