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American Idol Vote

  1. Fox have done everything possible to make it easy to vote for your favorite American idol contestant
  2. There are 6 different methods, so for anyone wondering how to vote on American idol, you have plenty of options
  3.  Includes 3 web-based methods and 3 phone-based methods

Whichever method you choose to use, you are limited to 20 votes per contestant per show. Voting is limited to people located in the continental U.S. or its territories.  If you have a Google account, you can vote using Google Search. Just log on to your account and search forAmerican Idol vote.” This will bring up the voting module, which you can use to place your votes. For Facebook account owners, you can vote through American Idol’s official Facebook page.

Further voting issues

  • For smartphone (Apple and Android) owners, it is possible to vote through the FoxNow app (please note this app requires a Facebook account in order to count votes)
  • You can vote by sending a text message to 21523
  • Each contestant has a keyword number, so you cast a vote by texting their number to the code
  • A more old-school method is to call a toll-free phone line (each contestant has their own toll-free number, and you can place a vote just by calling the number)

Some people will be tempted to use all of the methods to cast as many votes as possible. Bear in mind that your Google account and Facebook account are only good for 20 votes each and that your computer’s IP address is trackable too.

American Idol Lore

  • Brain child of the notorious Simon Fuller
  • Features amateur singers as they compete against each other in a NO HOLD BARS elimination style contest based on household voting

American Idol has created some mega superstars over the years to include the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood (famous country singer), Jordin Sparks (R&B),  and Caleb Johnson.


  1. www.americanidol.com/vote