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ALDO Listens

  • Why not earn a nice 15% off coupon to ALDO Shoes for taking a simple customer survey
  • The Aldo Listens survey will only take 5 minutes to complete (less time for most people) and the 15% off coupon will be sent to the customers within 24 hours by email
  • ALDO will use the survey results to “make them better at what they do” (i.e. selling shoes and accessories)

When taking the ALDO Listens survey customers will need the 16 digit ALDO survey code which can be found at the very bottom of the customers receipt.  The customer will be required to print the coupon from their email at the 15% off coupon must be used in conjunction with a purchase of $75 or more from ALDO Shoes.  The 15% off coupon cannot be used with any other promotional items and cannot be redeemed for cash.  If the ALDO customer fails to use the coupon within 30 days of taking the survey it will become void and worthless (although some customers might be able to talk a local ALDO manager into accepting it depending on their negotiating skills).  At this time the 15% Off Aldo Customer Survey Coupon cannot be used on footwear care products, gift cards, or previous purchases.

The ALDO Group (corporate styled as “ALDO”) 

  • Extremely popular shoe and accessory store
  • Operates under three distinct names 1. ALDO 2. Call It Spring/Spring and 3. GLOBO
  • Operates store fronts in the US, Canada, the U.K., and Ireland

ALDO Shoes was originally founded in Canada way back in 1972 with the original stores being located in Montréal, Ottawa, Quebec City, and Winnipeg.

Popular brands sold by ALDO include BBX  (which specializes in men’s and boys’ shoes), Luca Ferri (women’s footwear only), Weekenders (men’s footwear only), and K Studio (Men’s and women’s footwear and accessories).  Many ALDO shoes can be found at US department stores to include JC Penney, Kohl’s, and DSW.


  1. www.aldolistens.com