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Stoneberry sells some of the best electronics and appliances, brand name apparel and footwear, jewelry, stylish furnishings, and personal care products at a super affordable price compared to the competition (i.e., Best Buy, Walmart).

Visit to apply for a credit card online. You must be 18 years of age or older, a legal resident of the United States, have a good credit score, and have a job with an income totaling $50,000 or more. You will most likely be denied if you fail to meet the listed criteria.

DO NOT go home crying to your Mommy if you are denied. Instead, gather yourself up, hit the gym, and tell yourself this will not happen again.

Why pay a bill online and create a Stoneberry account?

  • Save time checking out
  • Store addresses
  • Make payments online
  • Update phone number and address without having to call and wait
  • Check your current order status
  • Review your order history
  • View your cart from any device
  • Create a wishlist

Does Stoneberry check credit?

According to the terms and conditions, Stoneberry Credit’s prequalification process includes a soft credit check. Your credit score will not be felt whenever a “soft” check is used. Once your first order with the retailer or one of its brands, your new account is subject to final credit approval.

Customer Service

Stoneberry has a variety of phone numbers associated with their customer service team, and they are listed below,

Phone Numbers

  • TTY/TDD 1 800 367 8997
  • Technical assistance 1 866 422 3091
  • Internet Security Contact Information 1 888 285 9696
  • Businesses 1 866 422 3091 | 1 877 288 4577
  • Businesses TTY 1 800 325 2865
  • Customer service number 1 800 423 4343

Terms & Conditions

“I agree that I am providing ‘written instructions’ to Stoneberry under the Fair Credit Reporting Act authorizing the company to obtain information from my credit report. This authorization allows Stoneberry to obtain such information solely to conduct a pre-qualification for credit. Checking the box above constitutes my electronic signature.”

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