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Ready Debit Gold

  • Access a Ready Debit Gold Visa card online
  • The READYdebit Gold Visa Prepaid Card is issued by MetaBank who is proud member FDIC
  • The card can be used everywhere Visa is accepted

The Ready Debit Gold Visa card is a DEBIT card and will not hurt or harm a credit score.  The card does not require a credit check, comes with zero liability protection, and there is no risk of overdraft fees as the card holder cannot spend more money that is on the card.  The Ready Debit Gold Visa card is ideal for the consumer who has trouble managing a credit card and getting into trouble with high interest payments.  The cardholders can add up to a maximum of $500 at the time of purchase and once the card has been registered online the card holder is allowed to add a maximum of $950 per day to the READYdebit Card account (please note the total balance of the Ready Debit Gold Visa card can never exceed $5000 regardless of how many months the card holder has been a registered user).  If the card is ever lost or stolen please dial a Visa Ready Debit Gold customer service agent at 1-866-907-7531 ASAP.  Although the funds never expire the card does have an expiration date that can be found on the front of the card beside the “valid thru” date.  The ReadyDebit card can be used at more than one merchant per day and the card holder can receive up to $950 cash back per day (subject to the merchant’s rules and/or limits).

Fees associated with the Ready Debit Gold Visa card?

  • Retail cost: $2.95
  • Reload cost: $3.95
  • ATM cash withdraw: $2.50
  • Employer direct deposit: $0.00
  • Bank transfer: $0.00 (the card holder will want to check with their bank to make sure they do not charge a transfer fee however)
  • Load card replacement priority mail: $25.00
  • Monthly Fee: $4.95


  1. www.readydebitgold.com