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  • Access a free credit report online
  • This credit report will include the user’s credit score
  • www.lexabc.com
  • Accessing this free service does not indebt the user to Lexington Law

The LEX ABC free credit report requires the user to provide the confirmation code, their last name, and the last 4 digits of their SSN to gain access.  Those with a LEX ABC account can sign in with their username and password.  Lexington Law claims they are one of the nation’s leading firm offering credit repair services.

The firm is based at 360 N. Cutler Drive, North Salt Lake, Utah, 84054, and can be reached by phone at 1-888-586-6108 (this number can also be used to obtain a free credit repair consultation).  Lexington Law customers had more than 9,000,000 negative items removed from their combined credit reports.

Customer Service

How much do Lexington Law credit repair services cost?  Prices clock in at $79.95, $99.95, or $119.95 each month, depending on the customer’s credit score and how fast they would like an improvement.

PremierPlus is the flagship package and comes with credit repair services with FICO Score tracking and analysis, tools to protect and manage the customer’s identity and finances, and additional legal interventions for abusive third-party debt collectors (no one likes being called at work by debt collectors).

A better credit score will help the customer get approved for a car loan, credit card, or home equity loan, but it will also reduce stress and allow the customer to get a better night’s sleep knowing the credit collectors are not hot on their trail.

Other services provided by Lexington Law besides credit repair assitance?

  • Criminal Defense
  • DWI
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy (Uncle Randy)
  • Pro Bono
  • Property and water right issues

Those looking to meet with Lexington Law in person for a free consultation can schedule the meet-up by calling 1-801-297-2494.  Once the face-to-face meeting has been scheduled, please show up at Lexington Law – Utah 360 North Cutler Drive, North Salt Lake City, UT 84054 at the assigned time.


  1. www.lexabc.com