ny and company credit card login – RUNWAYREWARDS Credit Card Guide

NY and company credit card login

Current cardholders sign in to your account or use EasyPay in the navigation to quickly pay their bill. Sign In. RUNWAYREWARDS Credit Card.

To sign in to your Run Way Rewards DS Credit Card account, please visit c.comenity.net/ac/newyorkandcompany/public/home and click on the “sign in” tab.

destinycard.com Activate Login – Activate Your Destiny Card Now Guide


  • Card account holders will earn $10 in rewards for every $200 spent (or $20 Rewards for VIP members)
  • Long-term card members will receive a special gift on their birthday.
  • Take advantage of their free shipping days (customers will have their shipping cost covered)

Please note all reward earned is rounded to the nearest whole-point value using standard rounding. Earning calculations that end in .5 will round up to the next whole point value. For example, earn calculated to 1.5 points rounds to 2 points. All calculations that result in less than .5 will round down. For example, calculated earn of 1.4 points would round to 1 point.

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